Friday, April 15, 2011

Last time round the Mulberry bush

Hi everyone.. Thanx for your facebook comments and 'tweets' - thanks for showing me the looooove. Well last days here in Oz so took in some fishing with the boyz.. Some success, repeat some haha..

Meanwhile had some bowling fun with my baaaaaabe and did the tourist route including the mountains on a delightfully rainy day.. well done ex-lax!!

Well hope you are all enjoying the repeats of the Tonight Show, the new Series of Jasons Journeys and Penelope K which is now showing on the BBC, free-to-air in the USA and Foxtel BBC kids channel here.. My hosting of "Mantalk" has also drawn a few comments haha.. "You walk the walk now talk the talk"
Your last chance to see me in Oz is at the Easter show 17th and 24th Sunday 2:30-8PM.

After that I am gone from Australia's sunny shores for good.. On to bigger better things, love you all and thanks always for your support and kind words. For those who want to stay in touch add me on Facebook or email me at

Goodbye everyone, have enjoyed my time in Oz and will fondly remember you all..

Mwwwahh xx

Jason - Peace to you all.. xx

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dunk the clown..

Hi everyone.. Yes I will be in Sydney hosting the TVS stand at the Royal Easter Show 14-27 April 2011. Hope to see you there..

Sadly this will be my last gig.. :( as I am off emigrating shortly afterwards. So hope I see you all before I depart our sunny shores for good off to the greater beyond and you can boo me on your screens from back in Oz...
Love to all.. last chance to dunk the clown before I'm gone for good. Peace out!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Saturday nite back in Sydney town..

Just poppin into Sydney for a while to catch up with the peeps.. Had a rage with the gang on Sat nite at the Marble Bar.. Back to work shortly :( but as Frank Sinatra says - 'That's Life'..

Oh and Happy Valentines Day y'all..

Birthday party this weekend then off like a mouldy Sao..
hehe see you can take the boy out of australia but u can't take the australia out of the boy.. lol

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Getting around..

Hi to y'all out there in cyberland.. Filming all round the place.. and always planning next adventure.. Flatout like a lizard drinking between countries..

Maxin and relaxin around with my new chicky babe. Sorry I've been slack but busy busy busy.. Finishing off latest episodes of Jasons Journeys and currently hosting new Chat show soon to air called 'Mantalk'..

Meanwhile BBC stuff going gangbusters, Tonight Show still national, Jasons Journeys and now Mantalk.. arrrgghh,, busy but getting there..

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

HI everyone.. Yes I am back again for a few days and as always apologetic for my slackness. The Tonight Show has gone National, I'm off filming Cebu, Malaysia and the wilds for Jasons Journeys, and my BBC work keeps me flat out overseas.

I was overwhelmed at the response to Jasons Journeys, and the request for nomination at the Logies (which I declined) but love Sydney, its harbour and
occasional sunshine lol..

I am back to Host the NYE special for the network and to tie up some loose ends.. My best wishes for Xmas to you all (even u smoochy!) and God Bless.. 2011 is almost upon us - can you believe it?

Still writing back to the fans of Jasons Journeys - I will get to you!! But then I will also get to Tanzania lol.. Bye for now everyone.. :-)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tarsiers Bohol & Cebu

Where is the tiny island of Bohol you ask, or Cebu for that matter?? Google time, people!! Well I set off to find the worlds smallest primate, the Tarsier and found some in the wild jungles. Totally cute and precious, like me :) hehe..

Take care, love to everyone.. mwaahhh!!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Filming in Malaysia

Well what can I say. Malaysia is so much more than i expected. Clean, efficient, not a piece of rubbish to be found and the PEOPLE are sooo friendly, frommm direcitons to running up to give me a forgotten train ticket i left in the machine. You name it, they have been awesome.

Accommodation is a shithole alas, but I'll survive, dogbox would be an insult to dogboxes. Also, VERY humid, but doing my best. Off to Cebu shortly..

Got some great footage for the show of the Petronas Towers, Batu Caves and Hindu temples as well as shopping, nightlife and party scene.. Lovin it.. xx